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The unfolding of the 2018refugee crisis2019 in denmark and sweden

MSc Migration Studies student Katryna Mahoney reflects on a recent study trip to Copenhagen and Malmö

Turkey2019s diaspora engagement policy under the justice and development party

Dr Bahar Baser tracks the development of Turkey's diaspora-building

How might the turkish referendum outcome affect turkey2019s policies towards refugees and migrants

Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz ponders the implications of Turkey's recent referendum on constitutional amendment for its refugees and migrants at home and abroad

Steppes and the city rural to urban migration in mongolia

MSc Migration Studies alumnus Faraz Shibli explores how rural-to-urban migration - and restriction around that movement - is changing a society previously defined by nomadism

2018they say we don2019t pay taxes2019 undocumented tax paying migrants living in the uk

Geraldine Adiku urges that simplifying processes of regularisation will help migrants lead better lives

Migration insecurity and development in central africa

Dr. Papa Demba Fall advocates for the need for a regional approach to confront challenges of migration, insecurity and development in Central Africa

Migratory flows colonial encounters and the histories of transatlantic slavery

Dr Olivette Otele explores how histories of transatlantic slavery impact on contemporary questions of migration

Deporting 2018illegal2019 migrants an open letter to president elect trump

Marieke van Houte considers how the President-elect will follow through on his well-publicised plans for undocumented migrants

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