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  1. To conduct empirical research on key aspects of African migration through comparative case studies in different African countries: initially Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo and Morocco.
  2. To map African migration networks and transnational linkages within Africa and beyond.
  3. To strengthen the capacity for ongoing migration research within the African continent, including training young African researchers through workshops, academic exchanges and cooperative projects.
  4. To develop new appropriate (and cost-effective) methodologies for migration research in Africa and elsewhere.
  5. To review general migration theory and concepts in the light of African perspectives and contribute to the development of new theoretical frameworks for global migration research.

The research project will focus on migration to and from Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, and Morocco. These four countries have been chosen as they cover a range of migration experiences but are also linked together by migrant populations. The four case study countries also differ in existing research capacities; this programme will help them to fill in the data gaps and build their capacity