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Helping understand and prepare for future changes in international migration.

How can I understand and prepare for the evolution of international migration in Europe over the next 20 years?

This remains one of the most pressing questions for leaders in governments, international organisations, businesses, trade unions, and civil society organisations.

To help understand and prepare for changes in international migration over the next 20 years, and to engage directly with the high degree of uncertainty surrounding future migration drivers and patterns, IMI establised the Global Migration Futures (GMF) project in partnership with The Hague Process on Migration and Refugees.

The project uses an innovative scenario methodology that it has adapted from the business sector and transformed into both an exploratory and participatory research methodology. This Migration Scenario Methodology allows users to identify key uncertainties and relative certainties that may drive future migration and to examine potential future migration patterns and trends. It also integrates migration experts and stakeholders into the process of scenario-building, and prompts them to challenge their assumptions about migration, to uncover migration issues for which there exists little available knowledge, and to prepare themselves for future change.

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Our team

  • Hein de Haas
    Hein de Haas

    Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam

  • Simona Vezzoli
    Simona Vezzoli

    Research Officer, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Centre for Governance of Migration and Diversity (GMD), based at the Institute of History, Leiden University.

Selected publications

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