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Past IMI Blog posts

The unfolding of the ‘refugee crisis’ in Denmark and Sweden

MSc Migration Studies student Katryna Mahoney reflects on a recent study trip to Copenhagen and Malmö

Migration from Turkey to the UK

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci charts the history of reciprocal migration between Turkey and the UK and predicts future movements

The potential cost of visa regimes

Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz pleads for greater equity and transparency in visa regimes

Turkey’s diaspora engagement policy under the Justice and Development Party

Dr Bahar Baser tracks the development of Turkey's diaspora-building

How might the Turkish referendum outcome affect Turkey’s policies towards refugees and migrants?

Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz ponders the implications of Turkey's recent referendum on constitutional amendment for its refugees and migrants at home and abroad

Past IMI News

GDAI Webinar #4 - Climate Induced Migration In West Africa

This webinar will address the impact of climate change on West Africa and will look a migration as a climate change adaptation strategy.

New in IMI Working Paper Series: "Paradoxes of Migration and Development"

New working paper by IMI director Hein de Haas published.

New in IMI Working Paper Series: "The Volume and Geography of Forced Migration"

New working paper by IMI senior researcher Sonja Fransen and IMI director Hein de Haas was just published.

Katharina Natter defends PhD dissertation on the role of political regimes in immigration policymaking

On 8 November 2019, IMI researcher Katharina Natter was awarded a Cum Laude distinction for her PhD dissertation at the University of Amsterdam, entitled "Political Regimes and Immigration Policymaking. The Contrasting Cases of Morocco and Tunisia."

Launch of Robin Cohen’s new book "Migration: the movement of humankind from prehistory to the present”

On 12 November, Robin Cohen, IMI Honorary Fellow and former director of the Institute, presented his new book "Migration: the movement of humankind from prehistory to the present”.