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About the book

This is a book of bold ambitions ably fulfilled. Mr. Goldin and his coauthors offer a history of migration, from man’s earliest wanderings in Africa to the present day. . . After filling in the historical background, the authors give a rigorous but readable guide to the costs and benefits of modern migration.
- The Economist


Throughout history, migrants have fueled the engine of human
progress. Their movement has sparked innovation, spread ideas, relieved poverty, and laid the foundations for a global economy. In a world more interconnected than ever before, the number of people with the means and motivation to migrate will only increase. Exceptional People looks at the profound advantages that such dynamics will have for countries and migrants the world over. Challenging the received wisdom that a dramatic growth in migration is undesirable, the book proposes new approaches for governance that will embrace this international mobility.

About the speaker

Professor Ian Goldin is Professor of Globalisation and Development and director of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. He has served as vice president of the World Bank and advisor to President Nelson Mandela, and chief executive of the Development Bank of Southern Africa. Ian Goldin is the author (with Geoffrey Cameron and Meera Balarajan) of Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped our World and Will define our Future (Princeton University Press, 2011).


Running time: 55:56

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