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This event is part of the IMI Seminar Series, Trinity 2011.

About this talk

In today’s age of unprecedented mobility, millions of migrants are on the move worldwide. Gallup’s surveys of more than 400,000 adults in 148 countries between 2008 and 2010 suggest hundreds of millions more would join them if they could. These surveys estimate not only the number of adults who say they would like to migrate permanently to another country if the opportunity arose and where they would like to go, but also the percentage who plan to migrate in the next 12 months and the percentage who have started preparations.

In addition, the study allows the comparison of desire for permanent move and temporary work abroad, and analysis of gaps between reality and desire for temporary work. Gallup data helps to provide a clearer picture of nations potentially poised for brain gain or a mass exodus of their young people, as well as better understanding of the final motives for migration and implications for migration policies. This information is vital to a country’s growth and wellbeing, as well as its ability to create the workforce it needs to move forward.