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About this event

This lecture by Professor William Safran will consider how the French state, with its republican and secular traditions, interacts with its diasporic, ethnic and religious minorities. It will discuss the challenges to the French collective self-image and national cohesion posed by the growth of migrant communities, an increasingly diverse society and multiculturalism.

About the speaker

William Safran (Ph.D. Columbia University) is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder. His research has focused on French and comparative politics and the politics of ethnonationalism, multiculturalism, language, religion, identity, and diaspora. He has contributed chapters to more than 40 edited books and articles to numerous journals. He has taught at City University of New York and has been a visiting professor at the Hebrew University and the universities of Nice, Grenoble, Bordeaux, and Santiago de Compostela. He is the founding editor of Nationalism and Ethnic Politics and editor of the Routledge Studies in Nationalism and Ethnicity.