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This latest IMI Working Paper by Oliver Bakewell and Ayla Bonfiglio presents a new framework for understanding mobility in the African Great Lakes that moves beyond conflict and crisis dominant explanations

In this paper, Moving Beyond Conflict: Re-framing mobility in the African Great Lakes region, authors Oliver Bakewell and Ayla Bonfiglio, propose a framework to better understand mobility in the African Great Lakes region. Conflict and crisis are often associated with the African Great Lakes region, overshadowing other aspects of life such as politics, economics, cultural norms and mobility. The framework proposed in this paper explores underlying mobility dynamics – and providing a preliminarily analysis of migration relating to education, urbanisation, and family formation – to examine the impact crisis and conflict has on mobility in the region.

This working paper is developed out of the Mobility in African Great Lakes project, through which the proposed framework will be applied. The authors identify the challenges of applying such an empirical method, arguing that investigating the ‘key, transitional events’ in a person’s life would be a suitable approach for utilising this framework.

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