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This programme explored alternative conceptions of human mobility based on empirical research undertaken by partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria

The researchers uncovered some of the everyday experiences and practices of migration and mobility across Africa, beyond the common headlines about Africans migrating to Europe:

Sub-Saharan immigrants to the Moroccan city of Fès, looking for a 'new life', could be described as 'lifestyle migrants' in much the same way as Westerners who move to North Africa looking for adventure.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is usually associated with refugees fleeing violence, but the  the city of Lubumbashi is actually a destination for migrants from all over the world looking to make a living and develop their business networks.

Traders from Nigeria and Ghana go to Asia to source products to sell in African markets - but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to migrate to Asia permanently.

Detailed research findings

Follow the links below to read the overall synthesis report and individual country reports. You can also access some of the datasets.

Programme web page

Final synthesis report: Migration, Mobility and the African City

Policy briefing on collaborative research: IMI Policy Briefing 10

DRC research outputs

Ghana research outputs

Morocco research outputs

Morocco datasets

Nigeria research outputs

Nigeria datasets