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IMI Senior Research Officer Oliver Bakewell has written a chapter in 'Migration in the Global Political Economy', a new book published by Lynne Rienner and edited by Nicola Phillips, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Manchester

How does the evolution of global capitalism shape patterns and processes of migration? How does migration in turn shape and intersect with the forces at work in the global economy? How should we understand the relationship between migration and development, and how is migration connected with patterns of poverty and inequality? How are processes of migration and immigration governed in different parts of the world? The authors of Migration in the Global Political Economy tackle these questions in a set of engaging and authoritative chapters:

•    Migration in the Global Political Economy—N. Phillips.
•    Migration, Minorities, and Welfare States—C-U. Schierup and S. Castles.
•    The Regulation of Labor Markets Through Migration—H. Bauder.
•    Toward a Gendered Political Economy of Migration—N. Piper.
•    The Illegal "Migration Industry"—H.R. Friman.
•    Reinterpreting Migration and Development—R. Skeldon.
•    Migration and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa—O. Bakewell.
•    Migration and Development in Asia—K. Young.
•    Migration and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean—N. Phillips.
•    Borders and Migration in the European Union—A. Geddes.
•    Immigration Reform in the United States—S. Martin.
•    The Governance of Immigration in Australia—J. Collins.
•    Migration and the Global Economic Crisis—N. Phillips.

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