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Conference on Theories of Migration and Social Change, Oxford, July 1st - 3rd 2008

The Conference was organised in response to an IMISCOE call for proposals for conferences on: ‘fundamental and strategic issues in theories, concepts and methodologies for the study of migration and integration’. It took the form of a fairly small ‘expert symposium’. The event opened with a keynote address by Professor Alejandro Portes of Princeton University on `Migration and Social Change’. Themes included `theories of global mobility’, `gender in the migratory process’, and `transnationalism and the migratory process’.

This conference was sponsored by the EU Network on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe (IMISCOE). It was jointly organised by the ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and the International Migration Institute (IMI) at Oxford University, in collaboration with several other IMISCOE partners: SociNova, Lisbon; Sussex Centre for Migration Research; MIGRINTER, University of Poitiers; International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO); and Centre d'Etudes de l'Ethnicité et des Migrations (CEDEM), University of Liege, Belgium.

Participants included Rinus Penninx (IMES, University of Amsterdam), Maruja Asis, (Scalabrini Migration Center, Manila), Russell King (University of Sussex), Takyiwaa Manuh (University of Ghana), Helma Lutz (University of Frankfurt), Raul Delgado Wise (University of Zacatecas), and Marco Martiniello (University of Liege).

A conference report and abstracts or the full content of contributions will be available online shortly.

Conference Papers now available

Please note that these are draft papers and are published for information only. Revised versions will be published at a later stage.

Helma Lutz: Gender in Migratory Processes
Hein de Haas: Internal Dynamics of Migratory Processes
Stephen Castles: Understanding Global Migration - A Social Transformation Approach
Russell King, Ron Skeldon and Julie Vullnetari: Internal and International Migration - Bridging the Theoretical Divide

Keynote Address
Alejandro Portes: Migration and Social Change - Some Conceptual Reflections