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Hein de Haas, Mathias Czaika and Oliver Bakewell to be published in forthcoming study of the multi-disciplinary field of international migration and asylum studies

The Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies, edited by Anna Triandafyllidou and to be published in October 2015, offers a comprehensive and unique study of the multi-disciplinary field of international migration and asylum studies. Utilising contemporary information and analysis, this innovative Handbook provides an in-depth examination of legal migration management in the labour market and its affect upon families in relation to wider issues of migrant integration and citizenship. Mathias Czaika and Hein de Haas contribute a chapter on 'Evaluating Migration Policy Effectiveness', and Oliver Bakewell's examines 'Migration within Developing Areas: Some African perspectives on mobility'.

With a comprehensive collection of essays written by leading contributors from a broad range of disciplines including sociology of migration, human geography, legal studies, political sciences and economics, the Handbook is a truly multi-disciplinary book approaching the critical questions of:

  • Migration and the labour market
  • Integration and citizenship
  • Migration, families and welfare
  • Irregular migration
  • smuggling and trafficking in human beings
  • asylum and forced migration.
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