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Alan Gamlen has written a chapter on diasporas, and Stephen Castles (with Nicholas Van Hear) on root causes, in a book on global migration governance edited by Alexander Betts

Global Migration Governance focuses on the international politics of migration. In the context of the growing politicization of migration, a debate has emerged within policy and academia on the need to develop global governance on migration to facilitate better inter-state cooperation.

However, this debate is taking place in the absence of a clear understanding of what global migration governance actually is and the basis on which we can make judgements about what 'better' global migration governance might look
like. In order to address this gap, the book provides an accessible introduction to the institutions, politics, and normative dimensions of different aspects of international migration.

Table of contents:

Alexander Betts: Introduction: Global Migration Governance

Christiane Kuptsch and Philip Martin: Low-Skilled Migration

Alexander Betts and Lucie Cerna: High-Skilled Labour Migration

Franck Duvell: Irregular Migration

Rey Koslowski: International Travel

Caroline Oliver: Lifestyle Migration

Jane McAdam: Environmental Migration

Gil Loescher and James Milner: UNHCR and the Global Governance of Refugees

Khalid Koser: Internally Displaced Persons

Susan Martin and Amber Callaway: Human Trafficking and Smuggling

Anna Lindley: Remittances

Alan Gamlen: Diasporas

Stephen Castles and Nicholas Van Hear: Root Causes

Alexander Betts: Conclusion

Download the policy brief derived from the book.