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Oliver Bakewell steps down after five years leading IMI

Mathias Czaika, Associate Professor of Migration and Development, took up his new position as Director of the International Migration Institute on 1 October, taking on the role from Oliver Bakewell, who has led IMI since 2011, first as co-Director with Hein de Haas, and then as Director from 2015.

Oliver Bakewell said: "After much deliberation, I am stepping down as Director, which will enable me to focus more energy on my role as the Research Co-ordinator on Migration and Development for the Horn of Africa Research and Evidence Facility of the EU Trust Fund for Africa over the next couple of years. It has been a great privilege to play a role in building up IMI over the last ten years but it is now time to pass on the reins. I am very happy to announce that from the beginning of October, my colleague Mathias Czaika will take over as the Director of IMI. Mathias has played a vital role in the development of IMI and I know that he has new and exciting plans to take it forward into its second decade."

Oliver Bakewell will continue to be part of the IMI team as a Senior Research Officer.

Mathias Czaika said: “Over the last 10 years IMI has not only been established as a place known for sound and thoughtful migration research but has also become a growing network of friends, colleagues, and collaborators around the globe. I consider it both a privilege and responsibility to take up this new role as IMI director, and it is my aim to continue the good work of my predecessors and to consolidate IMI as a research centre.”