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The series editors are very pleased to announce that the series Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship has now published over 40 titles.

In celebration, the publishers Palgrave Macmillan have extended a discount. To get 30% off any of the titles in this series, just quote PM14THIRTY when ordering directly from Palgrave Macmillan, via their website or through an email to This offer is valid until the end of December 2014.


Editors Robin Cohen and Zig Layton-Henry say of the series:


We have been committed to covering three aspects of migration: the dynamics and determinants of movement, the frequent continuing attachment to places of origin and the attempts, nonetheless, by migrants to belong in their places of settlement. This is a capacious agenda, but we have found that it has been widened by many authors pushing at the edges of migration studies. We have, for example, published work on student and sportsperson mobility, on religious transnationalism, on life-style migration and issues of gender and transnational care. In short, the series has been a home for imaginative researchers seeing migration as a lens to view wider aspects of social transformation.

The publishers and series editors see the MDC series in ambitious terms. We particularly favour titles that are comparative and not too narrowly based on one case study. We want to publish titles that will be seen as authoritative and exciting, both from established and up-and-coming authors.


To submit a proposal, please contact Philippa Grand: You can download a proposal form here: