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IMI Co-Director Oliver Bakewell has edited a new book in Edward Elgar's series: 'The International Library of Studies on Migration'

To what extent does development influence migration? How does migration affect development? In recent years, there has been a huge amount of research into such questions about what has come to be known as the migration–development nexus.

In this important collection, Oliver Bakewell draws together key articles by leading scholars which investigate past and current thinking on the complex linkages between migration and development. The volume studies the impacts of levels of development on both internal and international migration and the impacts of migration on economic and social change in both origin and destination areas. Further topics covered include the influence of transnationalism and diasporas. It presents the reasons for the rise of the migration-development nexus and concludes by offering some critical perspectives on it.

With an original introductory chapter by the editor, this volume will be of great interest and value to scholars and policymakers alike.

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