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On 1 October 2011 Dr Oliver Bakewell and Dr Hein de Haas will take over joint directorship of the International Migration Institute

Oliver Bakewell has been working with migrants and refugees for twenty years as both a researcher and practitioner. His research interests include the changing relationship between migration, diasporas and global development; social theory and migration; and, examining the boundaries between ‘forced’ and ‘voluntary’ migration. He teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies, the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and the DPhil in Development Studies. He holds a PhD and an MSc in Development Studies from the University of Bath and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Hein de Haas’s research focuses on the reciprocal links between migration and broader processes of human development and globalization. He did extensive fieldwork in the Middle East and North Africa. He has published on issues including migration theory, migration and development, remittances and transnationalism, migration determinants, migration policies and the future of global migration. He holds a PhD in social sciences from Nijmegen University and an MA in human and environmental geography from the University of Amsterdam.

The outgoing director, Professor Robin Cohen, is retiring. He joined IMI in 2009, taking over from Professor Stephen Castles. Professor Cohen is Principal Investigator for the Oxford Diasporas Programme, a role in which he will continue in until 2015, based at Wolfson College.