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A new edited volume has been published by Edward Elgar in the 'International Library of Studies on Migration' series

The book includes 37 articles, dating from 1980 to 2010. Contributors include: M. Benson, J. Carling, C. Joppke, P. Levitt, D. Miller, K.F. Olwig, K. O’Reilly, N.B. Salazar, M. Svasek, and S. Vertovec. It is edited with an original introduction by Robin Cohen, Emeritus Professor and former director of the International Migration Institute and Gunvor Jónsson, Researcher at the International Migration Institute.

Migration and Culture marks a first in providing a comprehensive collection of published articles linking migration and culture. Prior approaches to migration have often stressed statistical and economic factors. The theoretically challenging and comparative accounts represented here are part of a new wave of thinking which illustrates the meaning of migration and its profound cultural implications. This volume will be of great interest and value to sociologists, anthropologists, and those interested in cultural studies, diaspora, transnationalism and post-colonialism and the cultural aspects of globalisation.

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