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This is the latest in IMI's working paper series, written by Masja van Meeteren and Sonia Pereira. It provides a better understanding of the role of social networks through the experiences of Brazilian migrants in Portugal and the Netherlands

The importance of social networks in providing information and assistance to migrants is well established. There is however, a need for a greater understanding of how migrants interact with these social networks, such as personal contacts, organisations and the internet, before migrating and upon arrival. This paper aims to develop this understanding by looking at and analysing data collected on Brazilians migrating to Portugal and the Netherlands. These two countries of destination highlight very distinct experiences for Brazilian migrants and by comparing migrants by categories based on their motivation for migration, be it study, work, reuniting with family, or another reason entirely, it is possible to better understand how social networks impact their experiences.  By illustrating and analysing the diversity of experiences of Brazilian migrants, this paper contributes to advance current research on the role of social networks in migration.

Download the working paper