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IMI's DEMIG project team have produced six new papers presenting some of their research

The Determinants of International Migration (DEMIG) is a five-year project (2010-2014) core-funded by the European Research Council (ERC) through a Starting Grant awarded to Hein de Haas, Senior Research Officer at the International Migration Institute. The DEMIG project addresses the question: how do migration policies of receiving and sending states affect the size, direction and nature of international migration?

In April 2011 the team produced a series of project papers in the IMI Working Papers Series. You can download them as pdfs here:

The determinants of international migration: conceptualizing policy, origin and destination effects (IMI Working Paper 32)

The effectiveness of immigration policies: a conceptual review of empirical evidence (IMI Working Paper 33)

Leaving matters: the nature, evolution and effects of emigration policies (IMI Working Paper 34)

The role of internal and international relative deprivation in global migration (IMI Working Paper 35)

Migration and social fractionalization: double relative deprivation as a behavioural link (IMI Working Paper 36)

Internal and internation migration as a response to double deprivation: some evidence from India (IMI Working Paper 37)