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The 5th edition of The Age of Migration is written by IMI Co-Director Hein de Haas, former Director and Honorary Associate Stephen Castles, and Mark J. Miller.

This leading text in the field of migration provides a comprehensive assessment of the nature, extent and dimensions of international population movements and of their consequences.

The thoroughly revised and updated 5th edition:

  • uses the latest statistical data on migratory flows and on migrant populations
  • assesses the impact of the global economic crisis for migration
  • includes new material on climate change and migration
  • features improved analysis of key issues and topics, such as the relationship between migration and development, and migration and security

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This book has become the go-to reference for anyone interested in international migration, offering a comprehensive assessment of theories, data, patterns, and processes of immigration around the world. The fifth edition offers a fresh look at developments in the first decade of the 21st Century. It belongs on the bookshelf of any serious student of immigration today.  - Douglas S. Massey, Princeton University, USA
[This book] once again offers a comprehensive, creative roadmap to the migration field. The authors’ historical perspective, regional focus, and policy-orientated approach make this an invaluable resource. - Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College, USA