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THEMIS Phase 3 fieldwork started in July 2011 with semi-structured interviews in Brazil, Morocco and Ukraine. These interviews, by local research teams, were completed by January 2012. In each of these three countries interviews were carried out with return migrants and family members of migrants with links to the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal or the UK.

IMI leads on collaborative research in Ukraine for THEMIS, Erasmus University Rotterdam heads research in Morocco, and IGOT-UL leads the Brazilian research. The research carried out in all the origin countries used jointly developed research methods and investigated migration to and return from all four THEMIS destination countries.

The localities agreed for sampling in each origin country are as follows:

  • Ukraine: Lviv-Oblast and Kiev
  • Morocco: greater area of Rabat and Nador
  • Brazil: Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais

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