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Application deadline 30 June 2016

Researchers from the Mobile Welfare project are looking for UK-based workers at master’s level (preferably in the field of social sciences, political sciences, international development, or migration studies) for transcriptions and minor data entry work for a project on migration and welfare.

Job description

The job duties consist mainly of transcribing and/or transcribing and translating interviews. Each interview lasts an average of 90 minutes and is accompanied by a short paper questionnaire. The transcriber is required to provide a full transcription of the interview in English and the answers to the short questionnaire will have to be entered into a database.


  • Some previous experience in transcribing interviews is preferable;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Ability to communicate and write proficiently in English and Spanish (Spain) and/or in English and Catalan, and/or in English and Brazilian Portuguese;
  • Availability to work between 1 July and 30 September 2016.

Project description

The Mobile Welfare project aims to understand the role of welfare systems in destination and origin countries for migration patterns within and towards Europe. The project addresses three research questions: How and to what extent do welfare systems affect mobility patterns in Europe? To what extent and how do perceptions of access to welfare arrangements in origin and destination countries shape migration decisions? What role does transferability of welfare accounts play in mobility across Europe? In total 7 countries are involved in the research (Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Norway and Turkey). The research project is funded by the NORFACE Welfare State Futures Programme.


Each transcription into English, including the translation and the questionnaire data entry work, is paid at a fixed rate of £75 per interview.

For more details about this job opportunity and to send your application contact with a short letter of application and your CV. The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 June 2016 at 12 noon UK time.