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James Martin giving the keynote presentation
James Martin giving the keynote presentation

A panel event hosted by the Global Migration Futures (GMF) project for scholars in Oxford employing futures methodologies in their research,to share the project’s initial findings and discuss the method with other scholars employing scenarios in their research.


Hein de Haas (GMF Project Principal Investigator and Co-Director of IMI)

Duration: 17:26

Part two: Line Bonneau, chair (University of Oxford)

Duration: 01:19

Global Migration Futures: Scenario methodology to study the future of international migration

Hein de Haas presents the Global Migration Futures project; why scenario-building is particularly suited to study migration futures, and discusses what insights and challenges the project has encountered thus far.

Duration: 20:17

Planning adaptation to climate change: Tulum 2030

Arnoldo Matus Kramer gives a presentation on the rationale behind the use of socioeconomic scenarios using the year 2030 to identify climate change adaptation options, barriers and priorities for the tourism community of Tulum in the Mexican Caribbean

Duration: 13:23

Creating Communities with Scenarios Research

Trudi Lang discusses the scenario work carried out by Open University, European Patent Office and the Strategic Policy Office of the Government of Singapore as they sought to understand emerging developments in their strategic contexts.

Duration: 15:24

Concluding Remarks

Line Bonneau Closing Remarks from the Chair of the Global Migration Futures Using Scenarios in Academic Research to Study the Future panel event.

Duration: 02:53

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