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The one-day conference 'Beginnings, Barriers and Bridges: Refugee Health Conference 2016' takes place on 23 April​​

A one-day conference on refugee and migrant health will take place on 23 April at Green Templeton College, Oxford. The conference, 'Beginnings, Barriers and Bridges: Refugee Health Conference 2016' will bring together leading voices in the areas of healthcare for refugees and underserved communities; specialists in migration and asylum law; and community activists focused healthcare issues affecting refugee communities. Speakers will include IMI's Research Officer Yasser Moullan, an economist specialising in the linkages between migration and health. More recently, Yasser’s research has focused on the socioeconomic determinants of the health of immigrants in Europe, and he will at this conference address the current global refugee crisis in Europe and the related health challenges migrants and health systems are facing.

The conference, organised by the Osler Health Equity Society, aims to provide a platform for researchers and service providers working with refugees to discuss what specific healthcare difficulties and needs refugees experience, to give service users the opportunity to contribute to the discussion about how services are provided, and to inspire the next generation of doctors and policy makers to make a positive impact on the health of refugee groups.

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