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Integration of migrants and refugees is on top of political agendas in Europe. The concept of integration is often portrayed as both a goal and a process, and as something that can be achieved and experienced over time along several dimensions including access to employment, housing, education, health, social relationships, language, cultural knowledge, safety and rights. Although integration is often discussed separately from migration, they are closely intertwined processes. Integration processes are influenced by migrant characteristics including ethno-linguistic, cultural and socioeconomic background and migration experiences, while migration processes are often associated with a dis‐integration from home societies and a reorientation and integration either in transit locations or destination countries.  

This DialogForum 2018 will focus on these complex interactions and repercussions between migration and (dis‐)integration processes in countries of origin, transit and destination. The aim of this conference is to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between researchers, policy‐makers, and civil society on this subject from a transdisciplinary perspective taking into account economic, social, legal, and political dimensions.  

We welcome (i) scientific papers and (ii) contributions from practitioners addressing one or more of the four conference themes:
1) Migration and (Dis‐)Integration Processes in Countries of Origin
2) Temporary Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Transit Countries
3) Comparative Perspectives on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees into European Societies
4) Economic and Social Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Austria.

Please submit an extended abstract (max. 5 pages) by 30th March 2018. Submissions can be in English or German.  

Paper proposals must be submitted electronically by email at: migration@donau‐

For presenters of accepted papers, conference fees will be waived and accommodation is provided. The event will be bilingual (English‐German), translation is available. Selected papers will be offered the possibility for scientific publication.