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On 16-18 October 2019, the International Migration Institute hosted an Academy Colloquium, entitled "Renewing Migration Debate: building disciplinary and geographical bridges to explain global migration" at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam.

The Colloquium brought together 35 renowned and early-career migration researchers from around the world to discuss various topics around the following guiding question: How can we use the wealth of existing empirical and theoretical research to advance our generalized understanding of migration?

The two-and-half-day event consisted of six thematic sessions, where speakers and discussants presented their cutting-edge ideas and stimulated open discussions about benefits, drawbacks, challenges, and future research avenues for the following themes, and migration studies more broadly:

  1. Migration as part of social transformation;
  2. Migration and the aspiration-capability framework;
  3. Hope, uncertainty and migration
  4. Linking macro-level drivers and micro-level migration decisions;
  5. Migration policymaking; and
  6. Citizenship and integration

For each session, the panel chair provided an Input Statement which introduced the theme of the session and proposed critical questions to provide background and stimulus for the speakers. The speakers were requested to prepare brief Research Notes and the discussants were requested to prepare written Discussion Comments reflecting upon the speakers’ research notes.

We are now pleased to publish these contributions as the Academy Compendium. The publication includes the Input Statement, Research Notes and the Discussion Comments for each of the six thematic session. These notes aim to stimulate discussion and encourage conceptual and methodological innovation in future migration research.

To download the Compendium, please click here.