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Dominique Jolivet

  • University of Oxford

Dominique Jolivet holds a Master's degree in Foreign Languages Applied to International Business and Trading (Université de Nantes, France) with a specialization in International Business Negotiation (Université François Rabelais of Tours, France) and a Master's degree in Migration Studies, Development and Social Intervention (Universidad de Almería, Spain). She is research officer at the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) at the University of Oxford, where she has been involved in several projects (EUMAGINE, THEMIS, Mobility in the African Great Lakes and MobileWelfare). She is interested in understanding the role of welfare and well-being in migration and immobility processes. Her research also focuses on how migration aspirations and decisions are shaped by non-migration policies in origin and destination countries, on onward migration processes and on the internal and structural factors that shape migration projects.

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