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Conceptualizing mobility of traders is based on observatory, descriptive and explanatory adequacy required for any generalization/formulation of a theory. The present project approximates the requirements in its methodology, descriptions of its findings and in the explanations offered. Consequently, the conceptualization of the dynamics of the mobility and migration of internal and international traders, referred to simply as traders’ mobility is presented in four main sections. One, traders’ mobility is a super-ordinate of migration. Two, traders’ mobility is an evolutionary process, with duration of stay changing from temporary to permanent stay and from being local to international mobility. The evolutionary processes bring out three distinctive features of traders, of effectiveness, economic strategy and individuality. Three, traders’ mobility is socio-culturally determined, as apprenticeship, trading networks and places that are patronized within the country and internationally start off among an ethnic group, later extending to trans-national groups. And four, traders’ mobility leads to the development of regulatory systems by marketing bodies and or governments, which affects the spatial and temporal behaviors of traders.

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Mobility, Migration, Effectiveness/Profitability, Economic Strategy, Individuality