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Triadic political opportunity structures: Re-conceptualising immigrant transnational politics

Working paper

Ali R Chaudhary and Dana M Moss, (2016), IMI Working Paper Series, 129, 1 - 29

Transnational politics and political integration among migrants in Europe

Working paper

Ali R Chaudhary, (2016), IMI Working Paper Series, 127, 1 - 22

Pakistani immigrant organisational spaces in Toronto and New York City

Journal article

Ali R Chaudhary and Luis Eduardo Guarnizo, (2016), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Religion, Cultural Clash, and Muslim American Attitudes About Politically Motivated Violence

Journal article

Gabriel A. Acevedo and Ali R. Chaudhary, (2015), Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 54(2), 242 - 260

Racialized Incorporation: The Effects of Race and Generational Status on Self-Employment and Industry-Sector Prestige in the United States

Journal article

Ali R. Chaudhary, (2015), International Migration Review, 49(2), 318 - 354

State Policies and Pakistani Migrant Organisations in Toronto and New York City

Working paper

Ali R. Chaudhary and Luis Eduardo Guarnizo, (2015), IMI Working Paper Series, 112

Determinants of transnational political engagement among Dominican and Colombian migrants in Southern Europe

Working paper

Luis E. Guarnizo and Ali R. Chaudhary, (2014), IMI Working Paper Series, 82

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