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How do Syrian refugee workers challenge supply chain management in the Turkish garment industry?

Working paper

Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series, 133, 1 - 18

Unexpected Wave of Strikes in Turkish Automotive Industry


Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2015), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey Analyses

Building coalitions for transnational trade union solidarity: Comparative analysis of three campaigns from Turkey

Journal article

Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2015), Global Labour Journal, 6 (1), 1 - 17

The Turkish left and anti-imperialism in the 1970s

Book chapter

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Social Policy and Employment Report


Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2014), The EU-Turkey Monitoring Team

Bangladeş Anlaşması Tekstil İşçilerinin Umudu Olabilir mi?

Journal article

Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2014), Çalışma ve Toplum, 161 - 175

Coinciding Interests: Inditex Framework Agreement

Book chapter

Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2014), La Dimension Laboral de la Internacionalizacion de la Empresa Española

Temporary Workers Agencies


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Globalisation, the Global Labour Movement and Transnational Solidarity Campaigns: Three Case Studies from Turkey

Journal article

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How Spanish unions support unionization in Turkey


Emre Eren Korkmaz, (2013), Global Labour Column, 159

Shall the Marshall Plan of Trade Unions Solve The European Crisis?


Emre Eren Korkmaz, DİSK AR Dergisi, 34 - 39

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