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International Migration: Trends, determinants and policy effects

Working paper

Hein de Haas et al, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 142

Home, sweet home? The effect of return migration support mechanisms on reintegration

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2017), Space, Populations, Societies

Return Migrations to Africa: Editorial

Special journal issue

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, Bruno Shoumaker, Thierry Eggerickx, (2017), Space, Populations, Societies, 1

Examining the role of border closure and post-colonial ties in Caribbean migration

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Simona Vezzoli, (2017), Migration Studies, 1 - 22

How do post-colonial ties and migration regimes shape travel visa requirements? The case of Caribbean nationals

Journal article

Simona Vezzoli and Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2016), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1 - 23

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Migration History Marked by Crises and Restrictions


Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Bruno Schoumaker, (2016), Migration Policy Institute

African migration: Is the continent really on the move?


Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Hein de Haas, (2016)

The role of migration policy changes in Europe for return migration to Senegal

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2016), International Migration Review

African migration: trends, patterns, drivers

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Hein de Haas, (2016), Comparative Migration Studies, 4(1)

Return Migration to Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo: Intention and Realization

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2015), Population, 70(1), 97 - 124

New patterns of migration between Senegal and Europe

Working paper

Cris Beauchemin et al, (2014), MAFE Working Paper Series, 21

African Migration: Exploring the role of development and states

Working paper

Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Hein de Haas , (2014), IMI Working Paper Series, 105

From Europe to Africa: Return migration to Senegal and the DRC

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux et al, (2014), Population and Societies, 515

The influence of migration policies in Europe on return migration to Senegal

Working paper

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2014), IMI Working Paper Series, 93

Determinants of Migration between Africa and Europe: the DR-Congo case

Working paper

Marie-Laurence Flahaux et al, (2014), MAFE Working Paper Series, 23

La situation des migrants congolais en Belgique et leurs liens avec le pays d’origine

Book chapter

Marie-Laurence Flahaux et al, (2014), Présences subsahariennes en Belgique : un état des lieux, Louvain-la-Neuve

Returning to Dakar: A Mixed Methods Analysis of the Role of Migration Experience for Occupational Status

Journal article

Cora Leonie Mezger Kveder and Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2013), World Development, 45, 223 - 238

Retourner au Sénégal et en RD Congo


Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2013)

Changing patterns of African Migration: A Comparative Analysis

Working paper

Bruno Schoumaker et al, (2013), MAFE Working Paper Series, 18

Changing patterns of Congolese Migration

Working paper

Bruno Schoumaker and Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2013), MAFE Working Paper Series, 19

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