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International academic mobility across space and time: The case of Indian academics

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Sorana Toma, (2017), Population, Space and Place

The role of migration and higher education policies in international academic mobility. The case of Indian researchers

Working paper

Sorana Toma and María Villares-Varela, (2015), IMI Working Paper Series, 123, 1 - 22

Internationalisation and diversification of Indian academic careers

Working paper

Sorana Toma et al, (2015), IMI Working Paper Series, 121

Path-dependency in International Academic Careers

Working paper

Mathias Czaika and Sorana Toma, (2015), IMI Working Paper Series, 108

On Their Own? A Study of Independent Versus Partner-Related Migration from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal

Journal article

Sorana Toma and Sophie Vause , (2013), Journal of Intercultural Studies, 34 (5), 533 - 552

Gender differences in the role of migrant networks in Congolese and Senegalese international migration

Conference paper

Sorana Toma and Sophie Vause, (2010), Contribution of African Research to Migration Theory workshop

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