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Is there a ‘pig cycle’ in the labour supply of doctors? How training and immigration policies respond to physician shortages

Working paper

Yasser Moullan and Xavier Chojnicki, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series, 132, 1 - 37

Social determinants of overweight amongst immigrants in Spain and France

Working paper

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The International Migration of Doctors: Impacts and Political Implications

Research note

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Why is the 'healthy immigrant effect' different between European countries?

Journal article

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A New Profile of Migrants in the Aftermath of the Recent Economic Crisis

Working paper

Cansin Arslan et al, (2014), OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, 160

Can Foreign Health Assistance Reduce the Medical Brain Drain?

Journal article

Yasser Moullan, (2013), Journal of Development Studies, 49 (10), 1436 - 1452

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