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‘Supermaids’: Hyper-resilient Subjects in Neoliberal Migration Governance

Working paper

Liberty Chee, (2019), IMI working paper series, 153, 1 - 25

Migration and Social Transformation in Ethiopia

Working paper

Kerilyn Schewel and Asmamaw Legass Bahir, (2019), IMI working paper series, 1 - 45

Opening the floodgates? European migration under restrictive and liberal border regimes 1950-2010

Working paper

Hein de Haas et al, (2019), IMI working paper series, 150, 1 - 44

Money Matters: The Role of Funding in Migration Governance

Working paper

Elaine McGregor, (2019), IMI working paper series, 149, 1 - 37

Why Ethiopian women go to the Middle East: An aspiration-capability analysis of migration decision-making

Working paper

Kerilyn Schewel, (2018), IMI working paper series, 148, 1 - 25

Autocratic immigration policymaking: The illiberal paradox hypothesis

Working paper

Katharina Natter, (2018), IMI working paper series, 147, 1 - 26

The Globalisation of Scientific Mobility, 1970– 2014

Working paper

Mathias Czaika and Sultan Orazbayev, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 146, 1 - 31

Counting migrants’ deaths at the border: From civil society counter-statistics to (inter)governmental recuperation

Working paper

Charles Heller and Antoine Pécoud, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 143, 1 - 20

Formal Education and Migration Aspirations in Ethiopia

Working paper

Kerilyn Schewel and Sonja Fransen, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 144, 1 - 35

Immigration Policy Theory: Thinking Beyond the ‘Western Liberal-Democratic’ Box

Working paper

Katharina Natter, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 145, 1 - 34

International Migration: Trends, determinants and policy effects

Working paper

Hein de Haas et al, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 142

Social transformation and migration: An empirical inquiry

Working paper

Hein de Haas and Sonja Fransen, (2018), IMI Working Paper Series, 141, 1 - 40

Renegotiating Religious Transnationalism: Fractures in Transnational Chinese Protestantism

Working paper

Jonathan Tam, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series 140, 1-20

Immigration policy effects – A conceptual framework

Working paper

Liv Bjerre, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series, 139, 1 - 28

The Geography of Anti-Immigrant Attitudes across Europe, 2002-2014

Working paper

Mathias Czaika and Armando Di Lillo, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series, 138, 1 - 19

Visa restrictions and economic globalisation

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Eric Neumayer, (2017), Applied Geography, 84, 75 - 82

Hopes and fears of migrants’ contribution to political change: A Tunisian case study

Working paper

Marieke van Houte, (2017), IMI Working Paper Series, 137, 1 - 21

Home, sweet home? The effect of return migration support mechanisms on reintegration

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2017), Space, Populations, Societies

Return Migrations to Africa: Editorial

Special journal issue

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, Bruno Shoumaker, Thierry Eggerickx, (2017), Space, Populations, Societies, 1

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