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Understanding the drivers and dynamics of high‐skilled migration, and the effect of policy on this type of migration.

This project aims to improve understanding of the drivers and dynamics of high‐skilled migration, and in particular the role of policy in this type of migration. A key focus is on the mobility of students and academics within the global South and North, including increasing migration to developing countries.

The project comprises of international surveys among students and longitudinal data analysis of migration flows.

High-skilled and student migration are among the fastest growing migration phenomena in the world, but we have little knowledge about the effectiveness of policies to attract the ‘best and brightest’.

IMI will collect and make available to the public unique data, and generate evidence-based research to the benefit of the global research and policy community.

This project is part of and complements DEMIG (Determinants of International Migration), a major IMI-led research project aiming to generate new theoretical and empirical insights into the way states and policies shape migration processes in their interaction with other migration determinants in receiving and sending countries.

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