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We’re all social animals: come along and see how Oxford Social Sciences research is helping us understand what makes societies tick.

The evening of 15 May the doors of the Ashmoleam Museum will open to the public for a unique event that will showcase the cutting-edge research of the Social Sciences Division.

There will be a performance-experience centred around migration, exclusion and discrimination from IMI.

You can also prowl the Ashmolean collections, sniff out our cabinet of digital curiosities, hop on over to the immersive migration experience and tweet along with interactive social media experiments on the night.  Rule the roost with learning games from the Rees Centre and Social Policy and Intervention, and slink into our Soundbites lair to get your fix of research tales from around the world. Get your paws on a prescription from the apothecary – museum visits are good for your wellbeing. Have a gander at the freshly commissioned dance piece for OPHI and show you give two hoots by helping to design ways to remove the social stigma from HIV positive teenagers in South Africa – top designs will be manufactured and tested in the field.

Admission is free and the Rooftop Dining Room and Crypt Café will be open all evening.