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Emergence and development of migration systems

What explains the emergence and establishment of migration systems? With time, the initial moves of pioneer migrants might result in relatively stable patterns of migration which exhibit their own dynamics. Cumulative causation, the emergence of a system, may not however be concerned with passing a threshold in numbers; low levels of migration between particular localities, either in the international or internal domain, may also be associated with system dynamics. We are exploring the evolution and the life of migration systems – their beginnings, development, and sustenance, but also their potential weakening and decline.


Examining migration dynamics conference – some reflections: An article by THEMIS team members Oliver Bakewell and Agnieszka Kubal

#THEMIS Conference 2013 – Review: Robert Westermann's review of the conference for Migration Systems

Portugal: Final conference of the THEMIS Project in Oxford THEMIS researcher Alina Esteves writes for the European Commission

Migration Systems and Social Inequalities

Thomas Faist (University of Bielefeld)

Does many migrants a migration system make?

Oliver Bakewell (University of Oxford)


Sara Curran (University of Washington)

Selected papers

How does migration start and stop? Revisiting migration systems and cumulative causation theory

Hein de Haas

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Return migration and the development of migration systems: the end of a cycle or a new beginning?

Sonia Pereira, Sueli Siqueira

The effect of local transformations on migration aspirations in Brazil, Morocco, and Ukraine

Dominique Jolivet