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Are you interested in international migration patterns, policies and their impacts? Would you like to engage in discussions, debates and presentations on migration-related issues? Do you wish to engage with a real life policy challenge and present your possible solutions? Apply for a Minor in Global Migration today!

Migration is an important development in the world today. Migrants move for very different reasons; to find a high paid job or to escape from a violent conflict. The Minor in Global Migration gives students an understanding of processes, causes and impacts of migration. Migration is also a very politicised topic, which is not always informed by facts. The Minor helps students to critically assess public debates and policies, using insights from different theories and disciplines and through interactive lectures, seminars, field visits and interviews with migrants and practitioners. It concludes with a ‘migration lab’ in which students are confronted with a real life policy challenge. The Minor is offered by the University of Amsterdam and open to students who have completed  42 ECTS from a first year university BSc.


The Minor will provide students with the following knowledge, experiences and skills:

  • Knowledge of historical and current international migration patterns
  • Understanding of theories on the causes, continuation and impacts of migration across the social sciences
  • Critically assess public debates, dissect underlying assumptions, and evaluate the effects and effectiveness of migration and integration policies
  • Understanding of the lived experiences of migrants and the complexity of policy making in this field
  • Apply knowledge from the field of migration studies in addressing migration related issues
  • Debating, discussing, writing about and presenting migration-related issues.

Please visit the website for more information on courses, applications and to download the brochure.