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MADE Policy Brief (no. 1)

Policy briefing

MADE Research Team, (2021), 1

Social Transformations and Migrations in Morocco

Working paper

Mohamed Berriane, Hein de Haas and Katharina Natter, (2021), IMI Working Paper Series, 171, 1 - 47

Welfare and Migration: Unfulfilled Aspirations to “Have Rights” in the South- Moroccan Todgha Valley

Working paper

Dominique Jolivet , (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 170, 1 - 28

Migration and Social Transformation in a Small Frisian Town: The Case of Bolsward, the Netherlands

Working paper

Siebert Wielstra, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 169, 1 - 34

State Expansion, Mobility and the Aspiration to Stay in Western French Guiana

Working paper

Mathis Osburg, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 168, 1 - 31

A History of Global Migration Governance: Challenging Linearity

Working paper

Elaine Lebon-McGregor, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 167, 1 - 35

Social Transformation

Working paper

Hein de Haas et al, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 166, 1 - 45

State expansion, development imaginaries and mobility in a peripheral frontier: the case of Caracaraí, Brazil

Working paper

Naiara Rodriguez-Pena , (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 165, 1 - 32

Social Transformation, Resistance and Migration in the Italian Peninsula over the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Working paper

Simona Vezzoli, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 164, 1 - 38

Drivers of migration: A synthesis of knowledge

Working paper

Mathias Czaika and Constantin Reinprecht, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 163, 1 - 45

Return aspirations and coerced return: A case study on Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon

Working paper

Lea Müller-Funk and Sonja Fransen , (2020), IMI Working Papers Series, 162, 1 - 31

Who aspires to stay? Immobility aspirations among youth in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam

Working paper

Kerilyn Schewel and Sonja Fransen , (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 161, 1 - 31

Migration, Development and the Urbanization of the Good Life: Mobility Transitions in Rural Ethiopia

Working paper

Kerilyn Schewel, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 159, 1 - 48

State Expansion, Changing Aspirations and Migration: The Case of Cisternino, Southern Italy

Working paper

Simona Vezzoli, (2020), IMI Working Paper Series, 158, 1 - 43

Paradoxes of Migration and Development

Working paper

Hein de Haas, (2019), IMI Working Paper Series, 157, 1 - 22

The Volume and Geography of Forced Migration

Working paper

Sonja Fransen and Hein de Haas, (2019), IMI Working Paper Series, 156, 1 - 35

Immigrants, Markets, Brokers, and States: The Politics of Illiberal Migration Governance in the Arab Gulf

Working paper

Helene Thiollet , (2019), IMI Working Paper Series, 155, 1 - 35

Adapting to staying, or imagining futures elsewhere: Migration decision-making of Syrian refugees in Turkey

Working paper

Lea Müller-Funk, (2019), IMI working paper series, 154, 1 - 41

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