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Explaining the Rise of Diaspora Institutions

Working paper

Alan Gamlen et al, (2013), IMI Working Paper Series, 78

Creating and destroying diaspora strategies

Working paper

Alan Gamlen, (2011), IMI Working Paper Series, 31


Book chapter

Alan Gamlen in Alexander Betts (ed.), (2011), Global Migration Governance

Engaging Asia: The Role of the Diaspora


Alan Gamlen, (2011), Outlook Report 15

Diasporas and Emigration States in the Global Governance of Migration

Book chapter

Alan Gamlen, (2010), Global Migration Governance, 267 - 282

People on the Move: Managing Migration in Today's Commonwealth


Alan Gamlen, (2010), Ramphal Commission on Migration and Development

The New Migration and Development Optimism: A Review of the 2009 Human Development Report


Alan Gamlen, (2010), Global Governance, 16, 415 - 422

International Migration Data and the Study of Super-Diversity

Working paper

Alan Gamlen, (2010), MMG Working Papers, 05

New Zealand and its Diaspora

Book chapter

Alan Gamlen in P. Spoonley (ed.), (2010), New Zealand and International Migration

Diaspora Engagement and the Emigration State

Book chapter

Alan Gamlen, (2009), In: Burmudez-Torres, A., A. Escrivá and N. Moraes (eds) Migrantes Latinoamericanos en Politica Local Y Transnacional

The emigration state and the modern geopolitical imagination

Journal article

Alan Gamlen, (2008), Political Geography, 27 (8), 840 - 856

Making Hay While the Sun Shines: Envisioning New Zealand’s State-Diaspora Relations

Journal article

Alan Gamlen, (2007), Policy Quarterly, 3 (4), 12 - 21

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