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Spousal Choice among the Children of Turkish and Moroccan Immigrants in Six European Countries: Transnational Spouse or Co-ethnic Migrant?

Journal article

Sarah Carol et al, (2014), International Migration Review, 48 (2), 387 - 414

The Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Study


Evelyn Ersanilli and Ruud Koopmans, (2013), WZB Discussion Paper, SP VI 2013–102

Survey Report


Evelyn Ersanilli, (2012), EUMAGINE Project Paper, 7

Model(ling) citizens? Integration Policies and Value Integration of Turkish Immigrants and Their Descendants in Germany, France, and the Netherlands

Journal article

Evelyn Ersanilli, (2012), Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 10 (3), 338 - 358

Do Immigrant Integration Policies Matter? A Three-Country Comparison among Turkish Immigrants

Journal article

Evelyn Ersanilli and Ruud Koopmans, (2011), West European Politics, 34 (2), 208 - 234

Methodology for quantitative data collection


Evelyn Ersanilli et al, (2011), EUMAGINE Project Paper, 6A

Over de grens. Duitsland en Nederland vergeleken

Special journal issue

Evelyn Ersanilli et al, (2010), Migrantenstudies, 26 (2)

Ethnic Retention and Host Culture Adoption among Turkish Immigrants in Germany, France and the Netherlands: A Controlled Comparison


Evelyn Ersanilli and Ruud Koopmans, (2009), WZB Discussion Paper, SP-IV 2009-701

Identificatie van Turkse migranten jongeren in Nederland, Frankrijk en Duitsland

Journal article

Evelyn Ersanilli, (2009), Migrantenstudies, 25 (1), 42 - 58

Identiteitsvorming van jongeren

Special journal issue

Evelyn Ersanilli and Peter Scholten, (2009), Migrantenstudies, 25 (1), 2 - 104

Netherlands: Migration Profile

Research note

Evelyn Ersanilli, (2007), focus Migration, 11

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