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A collaborative European research project aimed at investigating the impact of perceptions of human rights and democracy on migration aspirations and decisions.

Calling charges in a phone shop in Fatih, Istanbul

The EUMAGINE project involved more than thirty researchers in seven countries who work to understand how people in Morocco, Senegal, Turkey and Ukraine relate to the possibility of migration.

EUMAGINE studied how Europe is perceived from outside the EU, and how these perceptions affect migration aspirations and decisions. The project focuses on how people’s perceptions on democracy and human rights – in relation to their regions and countries of origin as well as places abroad – affect their perceptions on and attitudes to migration. It also investigated how perceptions on human rights and democracy interact with other determinants of migration aspirations, to what extent migration is perceived as a valuable life project, and how potential migrants compare Europe to other migration destinations. EUMAGINE studied migration-related perceptions among people aged 18-39 in four countries of origin and transit: Morocco, Senegal, Turkey and Ukraine.

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