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Agnieszka Kubal, a Research Officer at IMI, has published a book which examines how contemporary migrants form and transform their involvement with the law in their host countries

The book analyses the interplay between the new legal environment and migrants’ existing culturally-derived values, attitudes, behaviour and social expectations towards law and law enforcement.

Agnieszka Kubal uses the case study of Polish post-2004 EU Enlargement migrants to examine attitudes towards the rules that govern their work and residence in the UK and the legal system in general.

With wider international relevance, this book makes a case for the meaningful employment of legal culture in socio-legal integration research and suggests far-reaching consequences for host countries and their immigrant communities.

Hardback £65.00; Discount (website) price £58.50. Available as an ebook, ISBN 978-1-4094-3700-0

Find out more on the publisher's website