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Agnieszka Kubal has written a paper on migrants returning to the Ukraine and how they re-integrate into the legal sphere

How do return migrants re-establish their relationship with the legal system when they get back to their home country?

How do their experiences of return and re-adaptation contribute to their interpretations of legality, and influence their values and attitudes to law?

How do their responses to the law contribute to the production of legal knowledge?

The paper investigates how law and legality are perceived at home and abroad, and what this can tell us about: the personal security of return migrants; their relationships with the police and local officials; and their choice of career paths and business ventures.

The analysis is based on interviews conducted in Ukraine with return migrants, family members of migrants and representatives of organizations that help return migrants to reintegrate. The data has been gathered under the auspices of THEMIS project.

Download WP-59-2012: Facts and fabrications: experiences of law and legality among return migrants in Ukraine