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21–26 March 2010, Ouarzazate

The second study tour on migration and development was held from 21 to 26 March 2010 in the region of Ouarzazate, in Southern Morocco. It was organised in partnership with the research team from the centre for Region and Regionalisation (E3R) of the Mohamed V University of Rabat-Agdal, Morocco, led by Professor Mohamed Berriane. 

Field visits were a key component of the project because they encourage participants to make direct observations of the development impacts of migration in major sending areas. Participants’ observations provided a basis for discussions in the field and during the ensuing wrap-up seminars, during which the comparison between Moroccan and Mexican experiences remained central.

These events provided the opportunity for researchers, policy makers and representatives of immigrant organisations from the US, Mexico, Europe and Morocco to observe not only direct and indirect investments of emigrants and returnees, but also the wider socio-economic, demographic and political impacts of migration. The confrontation with realities in the field also exposed participants to the diversity of migration impact, and sparked discussions about which conditions explain such diversity, and how policies can contribute to increasing the positive development impacts of migration.