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Earlier this month IMI Researcher Ayla Bonfiglio attended a workshop at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Italy entitled 'A Comprehensive Approach to Monitor International Migration: Joint Reflections'

Ayla gave a presentation at the workshop on the conceptual and methodological framework of IMI's Global Migration Futures project. She discussed some preliminary insights from the project, including future key uncertainties and megatrends for international migration.

The workshop, organised by the International Network on Migration and Development, is linked to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) civil society programme. A selected group of 23 participants were invited including government officials from sending and receiving countries, experts on migration with wide experience on information management, international agencies, and leaders of civil society organisations.

The workshop had three main objectives:

To discuss the feasibility for a policy-oriented information system to assess causes, costs and benefits of migration on specific corridors.

To discuss data needs and availability, possible strategic indicators, and a platform for implementation including specific roles for UN and other multilateral agencies, governments, civil society organisations, and academia.

To explore possible next steps, including a) integrating the project into the GFMD process and b) moving forward from concept to pilot operational plan (in selected corridors).