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The International Migration Institute gathers an international network of social scientists committed to advancing a long-term, evidence-based understanding of migration as an intrinsic part of global change and development.

Alpha Abebe

McMaster University

Ayla Bonfiglio

Maastricht University

Julien Brachet

University of Oxford

Ali R. Chaudhary

Rutgers University

Franck Düvell

University of Oxford

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh


Marie Godin

University of Oxford

Jamie Goodwin-White

University of California, Los Angeles

Richard Jones

University of Texas

Gunvor Jónsson

SOAS London, formerly IMI Oxford

Agnieszka Kubal

UCL, formerly IMI Oxford

Thomas Lacroix

University of Poitiers

Edo Mahendra

University of Oxford

Mathis Osburg


Robtel Neajai Pailey

African Development Bank

Emanuela Paoletti


Indrajit Roy

University of York

Isabel Ruiz

University of Oxford

Marieke van Houte

Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam

Carlos Vargas-Silva

COMPAS, University of Oxford