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IMI's Global Migration Futures project team will be holding its second stakeholders workshop on 13–14 May 2011. The event, which aims to bring together representatives from academia, governments, NGOs, and civil society, will be hosted by the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies at the American University in Cairo, Tahrir Square

The Global Migration Futures project explores how migration dynamics may evolve in the future, based on a thorough understanding of past and current migration trends. IMI is working with The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration to develop a series of potential scenarios, taking into account past and present driving forces and possible future social, economic, demographic, technological and political changes in origin, transit and destination countries.

This stakeholders at this second project workshop will develop further four of the scenarios elaborated at the first project workshop: two for Europe and two for Northern Africa. They will identify and challenge the assumptions underlying each scenario and develop responses to future scenarios. They will discuss ways to improve the project’s understanding of future migration in Europe and North Africa.

The Egyptian Minister of Manpower and Migration, H.E. Dr Ahmed El Borai, will give the workshop’s keynote speech.

The founding Dean of the School of Public Affairs at the American University in Cairo, Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, will give the workshop’s opening address.