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The International Migration Institute gathers an international network of social scientists committed to advancing a long-term, evidence-based understanding of migration as an intrinsic part of global change and development.

Geraldine Adiku

University of Ghana

Yacine Ait Larbi

University of Amsterdam, PhD fellow

Oliver Bakewell

University of Manchester, former IMI director

Johara Berriane

University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Mohamed Berriane

Mohammed V University of Rabat

Robin Cohen

University of Oxford, former IMI director

Mathias Czaika

Danube University, former IMI director

Hein de Haas

University of Amsterdam, IMI director

Raúl Delgado Wise

Autonomous University of Zacatecas

Evelyn Ersanilli

University of Amsterdam

Marie-Laurence Flahaux

Aix-Marseille University

Sonja Fransen

Maastricht University

Dominique Jolivet

University of Amsterdam

Leander Kandilige

University of Ghana

Lena Gloeckler

IMI Research Assistant

Angèle Mendy

University of Lausanne

Yasser Moullan

University of Reunion Island

Lea Müller Funk

Danube University

Katharina Natter

University of Leiden

Alejandro Olayo-Méndez

Boston College

Christopher Parsons

University of Western Australia

Ladan Rahbari

University of Amsterdam

Naiara Rodriguez-Pena

University of Kent, IMI PhD fellow

Sarah Salehi

University of Oxford

Kerilyn Schewel

Duke University, IMI Working Paper Series Editor

Sorana Toma

Université Paris-Saclay

Steven Vertovec

MPI-MMG, former IMI director

Simona Vezzoli

International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), IMI Deputy Director

Maria Villares-Varela

University of Southampton